Public bodies

Whether you are in charge of a commune, a public inter-communal co-operative establishment, or a regional or general council, you have to be sure that environment in which your citizens are living is in compliance with statutory regulations.
These include, in particular :

  • Management of the legionella risk, sampling and analysis of air refrigeration towers, also known as cooling towers or installations of cooling by water dispersal into an air flow (or IRDEFA in French) and of domestic hot water installations
  • Sampling (occasional and 24-hour), analysis of waste water
  • Sampling and analysis of surface water
  • Water health controls
  • Sampling using pumps, analysis of underground water
  • Validation of the measurement chain – regular monitoring of waste
  • Physiotherapy pool water
  • Research into dangerous substances in water (RSDE in French)
  • Monitoring of internal air quality
  • Monitoring of atmospheric emissions
  • Air in the workplace: measurement of occupational exposure
  • Water treatment plant guarantee tests
  • Review of water treatment plants (STEP, in French)
  • Analysis of endocrine disruptors, medicine and medicinal residues
  • Tracking of the ecological status of habitats (Standardised Global Biological Index, Macrophyte Biological Index for Rivers)
  • Impact on the receiving habitats
  • Environmental risks (soils, water…)


“Can you help me to characterize a perchlorate pollution in our natural resources ?”

“Are there medicines or endocrine disruptors in the water distributed by our public authority ?”

“Do you put into place methods and procedures in favour of sustainable development ?”

Here are several questions which are regularly asked by our public body clients, who appreciate having direct contact with their account manager to advise them.
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