Public access buildings

Whether you are a school, a nursery, a university, a health establishment, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a hotel, a shop, a shopping mall, a cinema, a theatre, a restaurant…you are required to carry out analyses to ensure that you conform to the regulations in relation to the public.

IANESCO can help you with this, in particular with:

  • Management of the legionella risk, sampling and analysis of air cooling towers or installations of cooling by water dispersal into an air flow (or IRDEFA in French) and of domestic hot water installations
  • Drinkability (water for human consumption, including drinking fountains)
  • Swimming pools
  • Monitoring of internal air quality
  • Air in the workplace: measurement of occupational exposure
  • Environmental risks (soils, water…)

We can carry out the sampling and analysis and advise you according to your needs.

“Do you have the authorizations and accreditations for sampling and analysis for Legionnaires’ disease?”

“Where should I take the samples from my cooling tower or domestic hot water system?”

“Can you characterise air quality of my school or nursery?”

“Can you analyse the benzene and formaldehyde in the air inside this room?”

Here are several questions which are regularly asked by our public access buildings clients, who appreciate having direct contact with their account manager to advise them.

This is IANESCO service.