Industrial users

As industrial users, you have varied problems relating to the environment for which we can deliver solutions:

  • Management of Legionnaires’ disease, taking and analysing samples from air cooling towers or IRDEFA (installations of cooling by water dispersal into an air flow) and of domestic hot water installations
  • Sampling, (specific and 24-hour), analysis of waste water
  • Sampling and analysis of surface water
  • Sampling using pumps, analysis of underground water
  • Validation of measurement chains – regular waste monitoring
  • RSDE – Research into dangerous substances in water
  • Biodegradability tests
  • Monitoring of interior and ambient air quality
  • Air in the workplace: measurement of occupational exposure
  • Monitoring of atmospheric emissions

You have to be sure in a quick and reliable way that your environment respects the standards in force and that your waste conforms to acceptable limits (as much for the environment as for the health of your employees).
We are involved in the field of chemistry, but also pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, paper production, metal production…
If you are a manufacturer or processor of packaging and materials intended to be in contact with food, you should also go to our special page on this subject.

“Do I conform to my statutory requirements?”

“Am I respecting my operating licence ?”

“Do you have the authorisations and accreditations that the authorities demand?”

“Can you help me to understand my results?”

“Can you help me with RSDE  (research into dangerous substances in water)?”

These are some questions regularly asked by our clients, who appreciate having close contact with their customer service manager to advise them.

That is IANESCO service.