Professional Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) engineers

You want to be sure that your installations are working properly? Contact IANESCO for the following services:

  • Management of the legionella risk, sampling and analysis of air cooling towers or installations of cooling by water dispersal into an air flow (or IRDEFA in French) and of domestic hot water installations
  • Drinkability analysis
  • Sampling (occasional and 24-hour), analysis of waste water
  • Monitoring of internal air quality
  • Air in the workplace: measurement of occupational exposure

We guarantee our sampling and analysis, both carried out under COFRAC accreditation.

“Do you have authorizations and accreditations for sampling and analysis for Legionnaires’ disease?”

“Where should I take the samples from my cooling tower or domestic hot water system?”

“How many samples should I take?”

“Can you support us with the tracking of the installation safety logbooks?”

“I have to have a follow-up inspection, are you available at short notice?”

Here are several questions which are regularly asked by our professional HVAC clients, who appreciate having direct contact with their account manager to advise them.

This is IANESCO service.