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Following the WASTE PACT (Pacte Dechets) started in 2012, IANESCO has put in place the sorting of its own plastics, as well as paper, cardboard, chemical products and glass… Indeed, as part of its activities, IANESCO deals with hundreds of thousands of plastic flasks used for sampling water intended for analysis. It was necessary then to put into place a suitable recycling programme. The company VEOLIA PROPRETE has helped us in setting up the sorting of flasks and briefing the whole staff on the new recycling practices.


3 types of plastics are recovered:

  • HDPE High-density polyethylene (sampling flasks and stoppers)
  • PS Polystyrene (transparent analysis tubes, pipettes)
  • PP Polypropylene (opaque analysis tubes)


The objective is to recover 1 tonne per year. Once sorted, VEOLIA PROPRETE is in charge of processing it into plastic materials for its clients, industries requiring new plastics.