Quality – Accreditations and authorizations

IANESCO is a laboratory which possesses the necessary knowledge for guaranteeing a high level of reliability and expertise to its clients.
In order to do the analyses and have the most precise results possible in the shortest possible time, it is essential to use appropriate analysis methods, trained and qualified staff, and properly-calibrated equipment.

The quality system put in place at the laboratory allows us to ensure that these criteria are well respected.

The whole of the laboratory is therefore encouraged to maintain quality, ensuring that the analyses performed will produce results which we can interpret in response to the client’s needs.

We put our clients at the centre of our business to ensure their satisfaction. This is our strong management commitment.



Since 1996, the laboratory has been accredited by COFRAC (the French Accreditation Committee) as it satisfies the requirements of the standard NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 : 2005 and the applicable regulations of COFRAC for its analysis and testing activities (see the scope of the accreditation available at www.cofrac.fr). This relates to 9 accreditation programmes on the environment and for food contact materials.
This accreditation is recognised in numerous countries, thanks to multilateral agreements between different international organisations.
Note that the initial accreditation number (1-0731) was changed to 1-6209 following the change of status of IANESCO.



We are recognized by the DGCCRF (the French authority for competition, consumers and fraud prevention) to issue certification for food contact materials.



We are authorised by UBIFRANCE (the former French Centre for Foreign Trade) to issue certification for food contact materials for export to Japan.