IANESCO conducts tests on your samples of:

  • Raw or treated waste water
  • Industrial effluent
  • Rainwater
  • Water from sludge separators or oil removers
  • Industrial process water
  • Sludge from treatment plants
  • Waste
  • Potentially-polluted soils
  • Sediments

IANESCO carries out numerous tests and analyses adapted to your needs

  • Physico-chemical analyses: pH, suspended matter (MES), SO4, NH4, NO3, NO2, TKN, Phosphorus, Total Organic Carbon (COT), Chemical Oxygen Demand (DCO), BOD5 (DBO5), AOX, …
  • Microbiological analyses: legionella, pseudomonas, E. coli, salmonella…
  • Analyses of mineral micropollutants: more than 60 metals and other elements…
  • Toxicity tests in relation to daphnia
  • Biodegradability tests
  • Analyses of organic micropollutants:hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, BTEX, alcohols, PAH, PCB, pesticides, endocrine disrupters, medicinal residues, phenols, anilines, phthalates…

IANESCO researches all your requests:

  • RSDE: Research into substances dangerous in water
  • SRR : regular tracking of waste – validation of measurement chains
  • Monitoring the efficiency of water treatment plants (calculation of purification yields)
  • Automatic monitoring of industrial process water
  • Validation of automatic monitoring (water treatment plant, environmentally-protected facilities)
  • Conformity of effluent to regulations
  • Conformity of effluent within the framework of connection agreements
  • Ecotoxicity of waste
  • Analysis and characterisation of waste, leaching tests in accordance with the standards in force
  • Analysis of landfill percolation water.
  • Verification of conformity according to the decree dated 08/01/1998 of sludges from sewage treatment operations for agricultural recycling (bacteriology, agronomic value, trace elements, metallic trace elements, organic micropollutants).
  • Research into soil contamination, brownfield sites, groundwater aquifers in partnership with specialised consultancy firms.

IANESCO has available a team of specialists

  • 70 staff: technicians, engineers, doctors
  • Trained and experienced to respond to your problems
  • Ready to advise you
  • Available to carry out sampling (occasional sampling, automatic 24-hour sampling…)

IANESCO has state of the art scientific equipment

  • Equipment allowing us to meet analysis deadlines, detection limits and reliability of results.
  • Chromatography LC/MS/MS, GC/MS and MS-MS, HS-GC/MS, continuous flow
  • Ion chromatography
  • Optical Emission Spectroscopy ICP/OES
  • Mass spectrometry ICP/MS
  • Microwave digestion under pressure
  • Equipment allowing the carrying out of all types of sampling and measurements (flowmeters, samplers, multimeters…)

IANESCO, these are our services which complete our response to your needs

  • Logistics
  • Sampling
  • Analyses and tests
  • Advice
  • Research (see more details on the brochure “Research – Innovation – Technology Transfer”)
  • Appraisals

“What is the evaluation of my water treatment station?”

“Do I have organic micropollutants or medicines at the output of the water treatment plant?”

“Am I conforming to my statutory obligations?”

Faced with the complexity of the regulations and the difficulty of interpreting the results, the IANESCO engineers are there to help you.

This is IANESCO service.

The 6 strengths of IANESCO:

  • You benefit from a direct contact who is in charge of your files from the initial study until the final advice.
  • We are able to offer you our services under the form of a contract guaranteeing you additional discounts, fixed prices during the contract and special monitoring of your files.
  • We operate throughout France.
  • Our longevity (established in 1952) is a proof of our customer satisfaction.
  • We are one of the few laboratories recognized by COFRAC since 1996 as a developer of analysis methods (flexible scope) as well as a wide range of accreditation parameters, guaranteeing you the reliability of the results given.
  • We play a part in different scientific and standards commissions so that we are always at the cutting edge of our profession.