IANESCO offers you a unique service

The research department is situated at the heart of the laboratory, facilitating the resolution of our clients’ specific problems.
Additionally drawing on the competences of an internationally-renowned university laboratory (the Laboratory of Chemistry and Water Microbiology of the Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Poitiers – ENSIP), we are capable of resolving the numerous technical problems which are submitted to us in complete confidence.

IANESCO carries out numerous tests in the laboratory and on site.

Biodegradability and ecotoxicity tests on cosmetics and detergents:

Respect for the environment is today required to be a major focus a company’s development. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to environmental problems, which gives a strong marketing edge to products which respect the environment and can demonstrate this by appropriate labelling.
The IANESCO laboratory is able to test manufactured products.

  • Biodegradability: OECD guidelines 301E and F
  • Ecotoxicity: OECD guideline 201/202/203

Microbiological tests on cosmetics:

In order to guarantee the quality of a cosmetic product and its safety for the consumer, it is necessary to carry out regular microbiological tests on each batch of the finished product before it is put on the market.
These tests generally include an evaluation of the number of germs in the product and the monitoring of its storage (a test of the effectiveness of its storage).

Research on drinking water and natural resources:

  • Review of the efficiency of drinking water plants
  • Evaluation of the impact of waste on receiving habitats
  • Tests on the treatment of contaminated groundwater aquifers

Research on waste water and industrial effluent:

  • Research on the treatability of industrial waste
  • Review of the operation of installations
  • Conceptual design of installations
  • Advice on establishing specifications
  • Advice on consultation with manufacturers

Appraisal of:

  • Decontamination and water production installations
  • Contamination of groundwater aquifers
  • Impact of waste in rivers

Drafting of technical documents

Bibliographical research

IANESCO has available a team of specialists

  • 70 staff: technicians, engineers, doctors
  • Trained and experienced to respond to your problems
  • Ready to advise you
  • Available to research your needs on your premises

IANESCO has state of the art scientific equipment

  • Laboratory-scale facilities or pilot installations which allow us to carry out research projects in the laboratory or on site
  • Equipment allowing the carrying out of all types of sampling and measurements (flowmeters, samplers, multimeters…)
  • Equipment which enables us to carry out all types of analysis.

IANESCO introduces some of its services:

  • Reviews of the operation of potable water production plants
  • Research on existing sources of potable water
  • Diagnostics of potable water installations
  • Tests to improve the yield of the installations: Oxidation (ozone, chlorine, chlorine dioxide), clarification (optimisation), filtration (sand, activated charcoal, alumina, membranes…)
  • Monitoring of treatment by-products
  • Putting into place pilot installations, verification of the efficiency of the proposed solution
  • Conceptual design of installations (capacity, costs)
  • Research on the treatability of industrial waste
  • Physico-chemical tests of treatments (clarification; direct, free radical, catalysed oxidation; evapo-concentration; filtration over sand, activated charcoal, alumina, iron oxide… Filtrations over membranes)
  • Biological tests of treatments (purification by activated sludge or bacteria-supported; lagooning; digestion)
  • Pre-design facilities (capacity, costs)
  • Reviews of the operation of industrial or municipal purification treatment plants. These reviews can lead to propositions to bring the installations up to standard.
  • Laboratory research on solutions for decontamination of groundwater aquifers (metals, salts, organic contaminants, hydrocarbons, halogenated solvents, plant health compounds…)
  • Research on the migration of pollutants in reconstituted soil columns

For over 25 years we have carried out thousands of water treatment tests.

In the majority of cases we have found satisfactory solutions for our clients.

And what if we have the solution to your problem?

This is IANESCO service.

The 6 strengths of IANESCO:

  • You benefit from a direct contact who is in charge of your files from the initial study until the final advice.
  • We are able to offer you our services under the form of a contract guaranteeing you additional discounts, fixed prices during the contract and special monitoring of your files.
  • We operate throughout France.
  • Our longevity (established in 1952) is a proof of our customer satisfaction.
  • We are one of the few laboratories recognized by COFRAC since 1996 as a developer of analysis methods (flexible scope) as well as a wide range of accreditation parameters, guaranteeing you the reliability of the results given.
  • We play a part in different scientific and standards commissions so that we are always at the cutting edge of our profession.