Other services

Commercial Services Department

The commercial services department is there to respond to your requests within the shortest possible timescales. Whether you are looking for an estimate or information, you will always find a contact person who is competent to give you the right response.

The Logistics Department

laboratoire Ianesco
The logistics department at the IANESCO laboratory is there to simplify your life in relation to your environmental analysis samples:

1- Order your sampling kit

Send an e-mail to logistique@ianesco.fr a minimum of 48 hours before the date you want to receive your kit, giving details of:

  • The delivery address and a contact name
  • The estimate reference
  • The exact number of samples to be taken
  • The required pick-up or delivery date for the sampling kit (cooler and flasks)
  • The despatch date or intended despatch date for sending back the samples to the laboratory

2- Delivery of the kit to wherever you want it.

3- Several options for sending back your samples:

  • Pick-up directly on site by our authorised carrier , or
  • Take it to a Chronopost pick-up point or directly to the post office, or
  • Take it directly to the delivery area of our laboratory from Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 12.30pm or 2.00pm – 5.00pm (12.00 on Fridays).

The Sampling Department

prélèvements d'eau

1- Operates throughout western France

2- Equipment and staff allows us to offer:

  • Water sampling at 24 or 48 hours.
  • Sampling of groundwater by pumping.
  • Occasional sampling of: waste water; water from cooling towers or installations of cooling by water dispersal into an air flow (or IRDEFA in French); and of domestic hot water installations
  • Sampling of surface water.

All the sampling staff are trained and capable of carrying out all sampling tasks, which allows us to group together environmental surveillance services.

3- The flexibility of a department close at hand:

An emergency? We always have one of our sampling team near you who would be able to deal with the problem in the shortest time.

Test reports

For each service performed, the IANESCO laboratory supplies a test or research report which complies with the regulations in force imposed by our accreditation NF EN ISO 17025.
It sets out all the characteristics of your samples, indicates the result of each test along with the method and techniques used and can, if the contract requires it, give a decision on the conformity of the samples with the regulations in force. It is signed by one of the technical managers of the laboratory.
We ensure that it is as readable as possible and we give the greatest possible amount of information necessary for its use by clients.
In addition, the report will carry the COFRAC logo if the services have been carried out under the terms of our accreditation.
The report is sent to you in PDF format so that you can be sure to receive it as soon as possible. This type of format also allows you to file it and transfer it to your contacts more easily.


The timescales for giving you your results depends on several factors:

  • Your needs
  • The sampling date
  • The stability of the parameters to be analysed
  • An analysis time which cannot be shortened for certain parameters
  • Our workload

We do everything we can to complete the analyses as quickly as possible and the pre-analysis facility has been set up so that we can take charge of sensitive samples straight away. Respect for timescales is something we follow scrupulously!
Our instructions and timescales are given to you by the Commercial Services Department at the time of your order. Do not hesitate to ask them about this.


To make getting access to your analysis results without having to wait for the final test report, IANESCO is developing, for the end of 2015, an extranet reserved for its clients.
Thanks to a password and identifier which will be given to you, you will be able to see, in real time, the progress and history of your analyses by logging into your secure customer space.


Because customer service constitutes one of the recognized values of the laboratory, IANESCO offers advice throughout the service, from defining your needs to the final test report.
We don’t content ourselves with simply giving you the test reports: it is important to us that you understand properly all the details and implications of an analysis and its results.
To do this, we have a team of experienced technical managers who have been at IANESCO for more than 10 years.