Your problem:

  • Making plans: I make wooden containers and I would like to create a model for fruit and vegetables: what are the regulatory requirements?
  • Asking advice: I am launching a new product range featuring wooden cutting boards, but I don’t really understand the requirements for this material and I need expert advice.
  • Selling: I would like to carry out some tests on ice-lolly sticks in order to assure my clients that they are suitable for this use.

Our services:


  • Measurement of pentachlorophenol
  • Measurement of heavy metals
  • Measurement of formaldehyde


    • Analysis of overall migration
    • Analysis specific migration

«With regulations becoming increasingly strict, our teams make a point of replying to your questions.

Our great experience in the field of food contact allows us to suggest the most appropriate tests for verifying the inertness of materials in the conditions they are used.»

This is IANESCO service.