Your problem :

  • Buying: my supplier of plastic granules hasn’t given me the certificate of conformity, how do I know if I can use them for my packaging?
  • Selling: Before putting my cake tin on the market, I want to be sure that it complies with regulations.
  • Importing: I manufacture articles and I sub-contract the production of certain plastic parts to other countries. How can I be sure that these parts comply with French regulations?
  • Using: The bottles that I bought as containers for my product comply with regulations: can I use the same bottles as containers for a different product?

Our services:

  • Overall migration tests
  • Specific migration tests: monomers (vinyl acetate, terephthalic acid …), additives (antioxidants, plasticisers…), primary aromatic amines, metals etc.
  • Volatile organic substances
  • Residual peroxides
  • Nitrosamines and nitrosable substances
  • Microbiological analyses
  • Checks for bisphenol A (BPA) in the material

«With regulations becoming increasingly strict, our teams make a point of replying to your questions.

Our great experience in the field of food contact allows us to suggest the most appropriate tests for verifying the inertness of materials in the conditions they are used.»

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