Clean water, natural and process water

Different analyses of natural and industrial process water.

Soils, sludges and waste

Different analyses of contaminated soils, sludges and waste.


The research section of our laboratory works just as much on potable water as waste water. IANESCO-CHIMIE is a Regional Centre of Chemical Innovation and Technology Transfer (CRITT-Chimie in French) and can respond to your requests for research and processing.


Services for atmospheric emissions, ambient air, air in the workplace and interior air. Sampling is carried out by CREATMOS, the subsidiary of IANESCO, which participates in part of the laboratory analyses.

Packaging materials

The food contact materials sections of IANESCO-CHIMIE carries out analyses of:

  • plastic
  • rubber
  • silicone
  • ceramic
  • cardboard
  • cork
  • glass…

Detergents et cosmetics

Different services carried out for detergents and cosmetics.

Mineral micropollutants

More than 60 metals analysed, for example: cadmium, chrome, copper, mercury, nickel, lead, zinc, selenium, arsenic…

Organic micropollutants

Analyses of different families of organic micropollutants, for various materials matrices.

Other services

  • Commercial services
  • Logistics
  • Sampling
  • Reports
  • Timescales
  • Extranet
  • Advice

The 10 strengths of IANESCO:

  • Independent laboratory.
  • Established over 60 years, proof of our customer satisfaction.
  • Direct technical support able to respond to all your questions.
  • An effective logistical service allowing us to carry out analyses throughout France.
  • A sampling service operating in all of western France.
  • A reactive commercial service guaranteeing you their proposals as soon as possible.
  • A research department at the heart of the laboratory, benefitting from more than 20 years’ experience.
  • The possibility of multi-year contracts guaranteeing you special tariffs and special monitoring of your files.
  • Accredited by COFRAC (the French Accreditation Committee) since 1996 over a wide range of parameters, IANESCO makes up part of the laboratories recognised for the development of analysis methods (flexible scope).
  • Installed in new premises of more than 2500m² which respect the environment (Responsible Care, recycling, reduction of waste agreement…).